UK government puts forward strict rules for travel

To avoid Covid spread, UK gov applies stricter rules

United Kingdom is implementing tougher laws to contain the spread of COVID-19 from Monday. They have issued a list of 33 countries as ‘high-risk’ countries and anyone traveling from these is supposed to go through a compulsory hotel quarantine for 10 days. The UK government is charging around 1750 pounds for the same. There would also be two sets of tests done in order to know accurate results.

Furthermore, if anyone is found breaching these laws, the government has decided to take strict action such as a 10-year jail term and fines up to 10,000 pounds. The officials have stated that the layer of extended security will ensure security against the newer strains of the virus.

Currently, the UK is going through a lockdown, and non-essentials are not permitted to visit at this time.

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