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Tamil Nadu cases spike- highest one day tally of over 10,000 cases

Tamil Nadu records highest ever cases in a day with 10,723 infections

The second wave of the corona virus is giving out shocking numbers all over India with several states seeing huge spikes in the number of cases. Tamil Nadu has seen the highest ever number of cases today with 10,723 infections in a day. The numbers are shocking as the first wave had also not seen such a huge spike in the state.

The state government of Tamil Nadu has increased the number of RTCPR testing and has tested over 96,513 people in one day. 42 people have been officially declared dead due to the virus and the total number of cases in the state have reached 9.91 Lakh. With such numbers, more restrictions on weddings, funerals and other social gathering are soon to be levied in the state.

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