Sourav Gangully discharged, Thanks friend Joydeep for support

BCCI chief discharged from hospital, says feeling fine.

Sourav Gangully after recovering fully has now been discharged from hospital today. While responding to media he has stated that his condition is ‘fine’ now.  “We come to hospital to save our lives. That has proven true. I thank the Woodlands Hospital and all the doctors for the excellent care. I am absolutely fine. Hope I would be ready to fly to soon.” says Gangully expressing his gratitude to the hospital staff.

Along with the hospital staff he has also expressed immense gratitude to his friend Joydeep, Gangully posted a photo alongside him on Instagram and wrote the caption as – “What u have done for me in the last 5 days is something I will remember for life ..have known U for 40 yrs now ..and it’s gone beyond just family”

The 48 year old cricketer was discharged after receiving satisfactory reports by the doctors. He was supposedly to be discharged on Wednesday but decided to stay for one more day and got discharged on Thursday. Considering his statement, it seems so that the cricketer is eager to get back to work.

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