Rahul defends Bumrah’s lean patch

Bumrah was ineffective in the first ODI [1 for 73], but made a good start in his first spell [3-1-9-0] in the crucial second fixture, before Aaron Finch used his pace to his advantage and Steve Smith saw his variations coming from a distance. The result was a 12-run over that was scored against the Australian skipper in the 12th, and 13-run one against Smith in the 40th.
Throughout the game while fielding, Bumrah made his frustrations with his listlessness clear, but Rahul said that was because the fast bowler always sets high standards for himself. The issues with Bumrah aren’t just limited to the current series Down Under, where maximum bowlers have come under the pump in two high-scoring 50-over games. The last time he picked more than one wicket was 10 matches ago – a three-for against Sri Lanka at the World Cup. Since, the fast bowler has just four wickets – which has piled on the pressure on a squad that has had to deal with exactly five bowling options in their side when Hardik Pandya isn’t available in his full all-round capabilities.
Rahul defends Bumrah saying that he is quite fiery and he is very competitive on the field. He has very high expectation of himself. He also recalls Bumrah’s match skills during ODI assignment in New Zealand and states that Jaspret Bumrah means a lot to his team.
Despite the groggy start to a two-month long sojourn inside the Australian bio-bubble, Rahul was confident that the team was ‘doing a lot of things right’, and were a bowling lesson or two away from turning a corner.

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