MS Dhoni binges on strawberries, shares video online

Dhoni takes Instagram to share his love for farm grown strawberries

MS Dhoni has recently shared a video via Instagram showcasing him eating strawberries from his farm. The video is captioned by- “If I keep going to the farm, there won’t be any strawberries left for the market.” Ever since his retirement from International cricket, the 38 year old has immersed himself in farming.

The video is loved and appreciated by a lot o f his fans online and has ended up getting over 6,380,390 views and 2,757,551 likes on Instagram. The video shows him plucking a fresh strawberry from the plant and and taking a bite from it. Fans were delighted to catch a glimpse of their favorite star relishing strawberries as he had posted on Instagram after months. His last post was on 15th August 2020, Since then fans were awaiting an update from their beloved star cricketer.

The video was allegedly shot from his farmhouse in Jharkhand and claims are being made that Dhoni could get into export of fruits and vegetables, The agricultural department of Jharkhand is looking into it. The ex-skipper’s new found love for organic farming has received a lot of praise online.

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