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Maldives, Australia and other countries will now ban travelers from India

The rising cases have resulted in a ban on Indian travelers by several countries

India has recently overtaken Brazil and is currently the second worst-hit country by the Covi- 19 virus. the cases are seeing a huge spike as the days pass and heavy lockdowns have been imposed in several states around the country. Along with all of this, several nations have now banned travelers from India to travel in their countries to avoid the spread of the virus.

Countries such as France, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE have banned entry to all non-residents traveling from India in response to the global crisis. Following the suit,  Maldives, Australia were the most recent ones to announce the same. In the case of residents traveling to these countries, they need to compulsory quarantine for a minimum of 10 days or more depending on the laws of that particular nation.

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