India’s lowest ever score, win for Australia in the half day itself

India scored the lowest ever 36 runs and led Australia to victory in two and half days

Todays score of 36 runs was India’s record for ‘lowest ever’, It was a total embarrassment for the team at the pink ball test against Australia. While India did fairly well on the first day and put forth a great bowling performance on the second, the third day was a complete disaster and the team made the low score declaring Australia as the winner in the half day itself.

Indian captain has taken the loss sportingly and said that although he couldn’t remember a performance worse than this, but we are making ‘a mountain out of a molehill’ and has urged to people to not to do so. He stated- “I don’t think we have ever had a worse batting performance so we can only go upwards from here and you will see guys stepping up and realizing their true characters”. The captain, the players desperately tried to put forward a good foot, but the failure was bestowed on the unfortunately.

By now, India has lost three successive tests, two being in New Zealand earlier this year.

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