Drop in cases in Maharashtra, post strict rules and night curfew

Maharashtra reported 6,159 fresh COVID-19 cases, Experts say lockdown can be avoided

After CM Udhhav Thackeray’s virtual public address, strict restrictions were put up throughout the state to avoid the second wave of the virus. People were warned to take safety precautions and wear masks. Public gatherings and social events were also restricted and hotels and restaurants are being raided for flaunting rules. To ensure that people follow the norms, fines have been increased and police, as well as clean-up marshals, have been deployed to fine people for not wearing masks.

Along with this, Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has also warned people against the spread of rumors. Maharashtra reported 6,159 fresh COVID-19 cases, 65 deaths, and 4,844 patients were discharged. While the numbers are rising compared to the previous months, the spread is seeing a slight decline with stricter restrictions.

Experts have also stated that a full-fledged lockdown would not be needed as last year, it was the lack of facilities such as ventilators, surgical equipment, medical facilities, etc were less and under-prepared. But this year, the case is different. All states have come a long way and are very much prepared to fight the second wave.

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