Different Rules For Different Players, says Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar has compared paternal leave of Kohli and T Natrajan

As Kohli left India Australia tour to be with his wife Anushka Sharma while anticipating the birth of their first child, Sunil Gavaskar was quick to comment on the differential treatment received to fellow cricketer T Natrajan who is not able to meet his new born daughter and would be meeting her in January.

Gavaskar pointed out that there are clear double standard in the treatment received to the cricketers from BCCI. It can also be pointed out that popular and those one the higher end of the power quotient receive preferential treatment compared to the ones just starting out. This was also true in the case of R. Ashwin and Gavaskar says that he suffered for calling this out as Ashwin was not able to get enough opportunities after been vocal about his stand.

It is also important to understand the fact that Kohli was unable to attend his dad’s funeral while he was starting out his journey in cricket, so he too has made his share of compromises for the game.


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