Covid Wave hitting hard- 6 Pakistani cricketers test positive.

6 Pakistani players out of the ones ones visiting have now tested positive for Covid-19. They are now in New Zealand for the 3 T20Is and 2 Tests as a part of the Pakistan tour scheduled to begin from December 18th.

New Zealand was the first country to declare itself Covid-free, this news has bought in turmoil for the country and has strong reaction from top health officials.

Tests were conducted on the Pakistan touring contingent as they arrived in New Zealand on November 24. The results state that four of the positive results new while the two others are “historical”. All of them are currently under quarantine.

New Zealand Health said the players will now be tested a minimum of four times while in managed isolation and the entire squad would be confined to their rooms. Several team members have been seen on CCTV at the facility breaching managed isolation rules, despite clear, consistent and detailed communication of expected behaviors”. “The team as a whole has been issued with a final warning,” it said.

Keeping the spirit of the sport, yet considering the seriousness of the pandemic the top health official Ashley Bloomfield said, “It is a privilege to come to New Zealand to play sport, but in return teams must stick to the rules that are designed to keep Covid-19 out of our communities and keep our staff safe.”

New Zealand has been imposing strict quarantine measures, aggressive testing and snap lockdowns and has largely eradicated community transmission of the virus, registering just 1,684 cases since the pandemic began.

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